Finke Desert Race

Road Closures

The Old South Road (Maryvale and Ghan Heritage Roads) adjacent to the race track between Alice Springs and the Aputula community at Finke will be closed between 6am to 6pm on both race days (Sunday & Monday) from Deep Well to Finke.

Maryvale Road
Closed to all traffic between the Deep Well Checkpoint crossover and the intersection of the Maryvale and Ghan Heritage Roads near Rodinga Checkpoint.

Ghan Heritage Road
A formal detour off the Ghan Heritage Road to the north and south of the Bundooma checkpoint. A bypass is in place to the east of the Ghan Heritage Road for non-competition vehicles of approx. 600m

Hugh Stock Route
Hugh Stock Route and Maryvale Rd intersection will be closed to all traffic.

Road Conditions
When driving down the Old South Road the first 30kms in now bitumen, the rest is dirt. This is generally dry and dusty, rough and corrugated from high numbers of traffic leading up to and during the Race Weekend.

During Finke Time, vehicle numbers reach over 2,000 per day on these roads, causing extreme dust and rough conditions. All drivers are urged to slow down, drive with your lights on, be courteous and mindful of others, take your time and drive to the conditions. Don’t be the reason for an accident and injuries. Police will be patrolling the road and random breath tests will be conducted.


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