Finke Desert Race

Supplementary Regulations - Updates and Final Instructions


Motorcycling Australia GCR’s

Ensure you read the entire downloadable documents.

If after reading the supplementary regulations and GCR’s you have questions, please put them in an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Important Updates for 2024

8.5 Rider numbers

Every year we have difficulty identifying competitors as they pass through checkpoints.  This is a manual back up system in addition to your transponder.

Rider numbers must be BLACK NUMERALS on WHITE BACKGROUND for all classes and not be slanted. Number fonts must be clearly visible from at least 20 metres away and must not contain any outlines, patterns or lines.

9. Pre-Running

This is a reminder the Finke Desert Race track is an open and public road every day of the year and is only closed on the Sunday and Monday of event weekend. For the remaining time, only vehicles that are registered and able to be registered in the Northern Territory, (ATV or UTVs with special registration in other states are NOT applicable in the Northern Territory) are permitted with regular road rules in place. To check your registration is valid in the Northern Territory, please visit or call 1300 654 628.

Where it is established to the reasonable satisfaction of the Promoter that an entrant in the Event has at any time since 1 January 2024 ridden on or driven in an unregistered motorcycle or motor vehicle, whether or not they are licensed to ride or drive that motorcycle or motor vehicle, on the Finke Desert Race track, or has done so dangerously, they will be disqualified with their event entry cancelled without refund.

10. Crew Licences

A reminder, all nominated crew of competitors must now be licensed with Motorcycling Australia for the duration of the event. Senior National, Annual Crew and One Event Crew Licences are accepted as licencing for Crew members. One Event Crew Licences can be purchased through RiderNet. Members must be over the age of 16 to hold a valid Crew Licence.

Additional Pit crew passes will only be available to those that that an MA Crew licence which is current for the duration of the event. Crew member details are to be included in your entry. More details under 10. CREW LICENCES.

11. Registration

All competitors and crew must register at the Registration Office, Finke Start/Finish Line, South Stuart Highway, Alice Springs, between 11.00am and 6.00pm on Wednesday 5 June and Thursday 6 June 2024. There is no longer registration on the Tuesday before the event.

14. Fuel

Due to various track changes over many years and a longer section of the prologue track no longer included in the race day track, the Organiser decided it was time to re-measure the track and re-position the various bonnets that denote the correct kilometre mark.  The overall track distance is now 223kms (a 3km reduction)

New Club fuel stop distances;

Fuel Stop 1 – 62kms from start line Alice Springs

Fuel Stop 2 – 115kms from start line Alice Springs

Fuel Stop 3 – 169kms from start line Alice Springs

Finke fuel – 223kms from start line Alice Springs.

More details under Fuel at 14.2


18. Checkpoints

New Checkpoint distances are as follows;

Deep Well – 63kms

Rodinga – 94kms

Bundooma – 136kms

Mt Squires – 169kms

Finke – 223kms

12, 15, 17 and 20

21.6 Competition or display motorcycles must not be ridden in the spectator area at the Alice Springs Start Finish venue and Finke Checkpoint. This includes during Scrutineering, Prologue or Race Days.

25. Refueling

A reminder all refueling is to be carried out with the engine switched off and with rider off the motorcycle. Failure to adhere to this will result in disqualification. (25.1)

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