Media Accreditation

The information below relates to 2017 and is for information purposes only. 2018 information will be made available here when it is available.

To form part of the Tatts Finke Desert Race Safety & Environment Campaign it is compulsory that working media become accredited if they wish to participate in the event.

This accreditation and a media briefing will ensure that all media representatives are fully briefed on all safety aspects affecting the race.

The on-line media accreditation application must be filled out and submitted before Friday 19 May.

Please note media applying for photographic accreditation will also be required to provide the following by Friday 19 May:

  • - Evidence in the form of a letter or Certificate of Currency written in English, from the Photographer's or Agency's insurer or insurance broker confirming that they have, or are covered by, public liability insurance of at least AU $10 million per claim covering his or her actions during event and the Occupational Health & Safety Policy of the photographer. Lack of a suitable policy will result in the non-issue or cancellation of any accreditation.
  • OR
  • - A copy of the photographers current CAMS Photographer Accreditation.

Race information can be accessed through the Tatts Finke Desert Race website at

For further information on Media Accreditation please contact Craig Markham on, the event Media Manager Mike Drewer on or Penny Gordon on