• Can I purchase premium unleaded fuel in Finke?

    No – the only fuel available during daylight hours is Opal (low aromatic unleaded) and diesel. The only premium fuel available is for competitors who have pre-purchased.
  • What if I don’t make it to Finke on Race Day 1?

    You will show as a DNF (did not finish). Competitors who break down are ferried to a checkpoint or down to Finke depending how far along the track they broke down.
  • How will my family/friends interstate know if I have made it to Finke on Race Day 1?

    They can follow your progress on-line through the results tab. As you pass through a checkpoint your progress is updated within minutes.
  • Are there any telephone facilities at Finke?

    Aputula (Finke) has no mobile phone reception and there is no public phone available. In the case of an emergency (only), the Finke Checkpoint has a phone.
  • Can we camp at the Start Finish Line?

    No, unfortunately we do not have the facilities to enable camping at our SF Line Complex – there are a range of caravan parks in Alice Springs that welcome Finke competitors and crew.
  • How far is it and how long does it take to drive from Alice Springs to Finke?

    There are two ways to get to Finke from Alice Springs. If you were to travel along the road adjacent to the race track, (the Maryvale road then Ghan Heritage trail), it is approximately 240kms. This road is all dirt and 4WD is highly recommended. NOTE: Access along this route on race weekend is unavailable.

    The other route is along the sealed Stuart Highway to Kulgera (280kms) then on the dirt road to Finke Community (150kms). This 430 km trip will take 4 – 5hours. Be aware on race weekend, visibility on dirt section can be an issue with so much traffic.
  • As competitors, can we pre-run / practice on the race track prior to the event?

    No, not if your bike/car is unregistered. This track is a public road and also pastoralists private property – it is only a race track for three days of the year. There are often pastoralists, tourists and campers that drive along what we refer to the race track. There is potential for disqualification from the event if you are caught practicing on the track on or in an unregistered vehicle.
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