Enter/Update Online

All applications for entry must be made online. This provides a fair system for recording the order of entries received when the cap is reached and streamlines procedures in the Finke office. The result is a more efficient service with quicker turnaround times. Bookmark this page and refresh it after 9:00am CST on the day entries open to enable the link to the application form.

Before Entering Online

Read the online entry checklist (see link below). You will also need to have a Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card for payment. Read the CAMS or MA General Competition Rules, the Supplementary Regulations and the Participant Declaration You must be prepared to sign the participant declaration when you register in Alice Springs in the week before the race.

Entering/Updating Online

Note: Bike competitors will need a current MA Senior National Competition Licence to race but details are not a requirement for initial entry online.

When online applications open go to https://shop.finkedesertrace.com.au and pay your entry fee with your Visa or Mastercard. Then fill out the form with the information you have prepared and submit it (Note: the form will not be processed until all mandatory fields are completed (including evidence of payment) - see checklist to find out what these are.). On successful processing of your online entry (including payment) you will be sent a confirmation email from our office. If your entry is not successful because the cap has been reached then you will be eligible to a full refund.

As in prior years we are asking competitors to make sure that ALL their entry information is in the database before they get to registration. Competitors with a race number will be provided with a PIN which they can use to access their record in our system and add, edit or delete details (except the mandatory details collected in the initial application - if these need changing please email the Finke office). Once you have your PIN simply click on the update button below to access your record. You can do this as often as you like until registration week.

After Entering Online

The FDR office will review the online entry details and match the entry and accompanying payment as soon as practical. If entry and payment are correct then confirmation will be sent out together with your race number. If entry and/or payment are not complete a follow up email will be sent out. Names of confirmed entries will be listed on the website. Note: Competitors will receive further information in the lead up to the race. This will include information about additional information required, registration, scrutineering, etc.