Competitor Registration Venue

Competitor Registration is at the Finke Start/Finish Line Complex.  Registration is open from 10.00am to 5.00pm from Monday 2nd to Thursday 5th June. Competitor Registration is where you sign on for the event and collect your competitor pack which includes passes, information and general items needed to race in Finke (i.e. wristbands, Tatts stickers).  Your MA/CAMS licences and ambulance cover are also checked.

Official Reconnaissance

Due to the race track being a public road pre-running the course is only allowed to be completed on a road registered bike or car. The club has one organised reconnaissance run prior to the event on Sunday 1st June 2013. This allows competitors with unregistered vehicles to ride from Bundooma to Finke and back to Bundooma in a controlled situation with Ambulance services. A permit must be obtained from the Alice Springs Motor Vehicle Registry. You are required to hold a current driver’s/rider’s licence from your respected state. Closer to the date, Permit applications are available from the Alice Springs MVR or the forms are available for download - see Reconnaissance link in menu on the right. To apply for a permit you MUST hold a road licence appropriate to operate the vehicle you are wanted to get the permit for – e.g. if you are wanting a permit to use your Honda CRF450R you will need to hold a current road motorcycle licence for 450cc.

Competitor Online Entry

Bike & Quad online entries will open on Tuesday 28th January 2014 at 9am CST

Please use the Online Entry menu options on the right hand side of the page to access documents as they become available closer to entry. These will be the entry guidelines, checklist, supplementary regulations and online entry form.

Sponsor's Advertising

The supplementary regulations require you to leave spaces for Tatts advertising.  These stickers are in your competitor pack.  Please ensure they are placed in the correct positions, otherwise you will not pass scrutineering.
Bikes:20cm(w) by 8cm(h) sticker on front numberplate and 10cm(w) by 10cm(h) stickers on each side of the fuel tank or radiator.
Cars:30cm(w) by 30cm(h) sticker to be placed on the front bonnet and each side of ‘front door’ area.


Scrutineering is on Friday 6th June at Blatherskite Park Showgrounds (see Map) from 3pm to 9pm and is compulsory for all competitors.


Your wristband is your pass through all gates.  You must keep the wristband on from Friday night until after Presentation.  If you loose it for any reason, please see Kelsey Rodda at the Start Line or Nina Hargrave at Finke.

Gear Transport

If you selected and paid for the transport of gear to fuel stops and/or Finke checkpoint, there is a transport ticket in your competitor pack.  Minimal spares (i.e. goggles, tubes, spark plugs, tyres etc.) will be transported to track fuel stops. Minimal (at the discretion of the transporter) spares, swag/tents and personal effects will be transported to Finke checkpoint.  All items must be labelled with your competitor number. Gear needs to be delivered to NQX Freight Systems, Ghan Road, Alice Springs (see map) between the hours of 10am and 3.00pm on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th June.

Competitor Relations

If you or your crew have any questions or queries over the weekend of the race, please see an official in the Competitor Relations Office at the Start/Finish Line. This is located on the spectator side of the track. If you have a question or query at Finke, please see an official at the checkpoint next to the Start/Finish line.


Transponder Collection:
All competitors in the Tatts Finke Desert Race will be scored using transponders.  In order to collect your transponder at Scrutineering, you will need to hand over your MA licence/CAMS log books to be held by race officials until the transponder is returned.  The transponder will be affixed to your vehicle once it has passed scrutineering to signify it is ready to race.  You will race prologue with the transponder on your vehicle.
Transponder Return:
Transponders MUST be returned to Kelsey Rodda in Race Control at the end of Race Day 2.  On return you will be given back your MA Licence/CAMS Log Book. For DNFs – transponders MUST be returned to Kelsey Rodda in Race Control – not given to sweeps or checkpoint officials. You will only receive your MA licence/CAMS Log Book if you return the transponders correctly.
If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to give the office a call

Prologue Start Times

All vehicles (cars and bikes) will be fitted with transponders for the timing of Prologue.  As such, specific start times will not be advised.  Your start time is triggered by your individual transponder, and your finish time is also triggered as a unique reading.
Bikes: Bikes classes will be run in reverse order.  We will start with Class 10 and run back to Class 1.  They will also run in reverse number order with in each class e.g Bike 799 to 701.
Cars: Car classes will be run as advised in Further Regulations.  This order is determined by a CAMS appointed committee.

Race Day 1 & 2 - Lining Up to Start

Please line up in your starting positions immediately after Driver/Riders Briefing.

Club Refuelling

If you have selected and paid for the Fuel option on your entry form, you will receive an orange tag to attach to the front of your bike.  Four stroke fuel will be available for you at the follow­ing areas (see map):
  • Fuel Stop 1 - 65 kms approx.
  • Fuel Stop 2 - 116 kms approx.
  • Fuel Stop 3 - 179 kms approx.
  • Finke Checkpoint - 226 kms

When you reach the checkpoint, the following procedure will take place:

  1. Line up at the first available pump.
  2. Turn off your ignition.
  3. Undo your fuel cap.
  4. At this time the pump will be handed to you.  Like petrol station bowsers, there is a cut off trigger.  Once tank is full, it will automatically cut out.
  5. Refit fuel cap.
  6. Start engine.
Each fuel stop will be set up in a similar manner. 
Refueling at Finke Check Point will take place between 4.30 pm and 6.30 pm on Race Day 1 – Sunday. See Map for Fuel Stop Setup.

Medical Centres

There are numerous Medical Centres in Alice Springs; however, the Alice Springs Hospital is the only 24 hour centre.  Alice Springs Hospital is located on Gap Road.  The Pharmacy in Yeperenye Shopping Centre is opened from 7.00am to 7.00pm daily.  This building is located on Hartley Street.

Medical Treatment for Competitors

St. John Ambulance is in attendance at all check points, the Start/Finish Line, Alice Springs and Finke.  In addition to these facilities, medical evacuations can be arranged via Medivac Helicopter Service and the Royal Flying Doctor Service.  All patients that are evacuated during race time, either by road or by air, will be taken to Alice Springs Hospital.  Should family or friends wish to check on the condition of a patient, they should phone the Alice Springs hospital on 08 8951 7777.

Compassionate Time

Compassionate time is given to com­petitors who stop to help another rider or driver, or stop to report an accident or injury.   If you want to claim compas­sionate time, you must report to the Clerk of Course immediately after arriving in Finke or Alice Springs. Refer to the Sup­plementary Regulations for cut off times for claiming compassionate time.  We are unable to adjust start times on Race Day 2 after 6.00 pm on Race Day 1.

Signing Off ** Very Important!!

If for any reason (breakdown, minor accident, etc.) you do not reach the finish on Day 1 or Day 2 of the event, it is your responsibility to notify an Official that you have retired at the earliest possible opportunity.  They will need a clear indication of what you intend to do so that they can notify your crew.  Remember, we can only pass on the information that you give us.

In the past a few thoughtless competitors have left the track without notifying a race official and this has lead to unnecessary searches late into the night by race officials and volunteers.

Fire Reporting

Should you observe an unattended fire that you think may be dangerous, please report it to the nearest officials.  For Car competitors, please report via the UHF radio system, to Race Control.

Facilities at Finke Checkpoint

Facilities at Finke Checkpoint are ex­tremely limited.  There are toilets located in the camp area but no showers are available.  The Finke General Store is open for business on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  There are basic food sup­plies and Opal unleaded and diesel fuel available. Remember, road rules apply whilst at Finke Community and Police officers will be in attendance.


Scoreboards will display start, checkpoint and finish times at the Alice Springs Start/Finish Line next to the competitor relations office. Results for Race Day 1 and start times for Race Day 2 will be available at Finke Checkpoint.  Some copies of the results from Day 1 will be available at the catering tent.  Should you have any queries about results, while at Finke, please direct them to Nina Hargrave at Finke Checkpoint. The results will also be constantly updated on the event’s official website: and mobile site


  • Class Winners: The first place-getters in each class will be given the opportunity to speak.  Presentation is run to a very tight schedule and there is not enough time for all podium achievers to speak. 
  • Outright Winners: First, second and third outright in Cars and Bikes will be given the opportunity to thank their sponsors.
  • Finishers: The competitors who have completed the whole event, within the given daily time limit on both Race Day 1 and Race Day 2 are entitled to receive a Survivor’s Spike.

Catering at Finke

If you selected and paid for club catering at Finke, you will have two (2) catering passes in your competitor pack.  One is for dinner on Sunday night and the other is for breakfast on Monday morning.  Your passes need to be given to the officials in the catering tent to receive your meal.  The catering tent will be located in the campground area at Finke, not the checkpoint.

Dinner on Sunday will be served between 6.00pm and 9.00pm.  Breakfast on Monday morning will be bacon and eggs and served between 5.00am and 9.00am.  Tea and coffee will be available as well and a small selection of fruit and biscuits.