Bike & Quad Guidelines for Online Entry

All applications for entry must be made online. This provides a fair system for recording the order of entries received when the cap is reached and streamlines procedures in the Finke office. The result is a more efficient service with quicker turnaround times. The online entry procedure will consist of a number of steps each of which is a vital part of the process. Please make sure you step through the process and read the information provided carefully.

Read the online entry checklist (see link on the right). It is most important that you have collected together the mandatory information required prior to filling in the form. If the required information is not entered correctly, your entry will not be accepted. You will also need to have a Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card for payment.

You must be prepared to sign the participant declaration when you register in Alice Springs in the week before the race.

Fill out the form with the information you have prepared and submit it (Note: the form will not be processed until all fields marked mandatory are completed - see checklist to find out what these are.). Successful submission of your entry form includes payment of the entry fee and other extras you may wish to include.

Payment is by Mastercard or Visa credit/debit card only using the NAB facility provided in our entry form. We do not see or collect your card details on our site. (Direct bank transfers will not be available due to the substantial administration overhead experienced in the past).

On successful submission of your online entry you will be given a reference number which will identify your entry and must be quoted in any communication with the Finke Desert Race Office. You will also receive an email confirming receipt of your entry. If your entry is not successful (i.e. you are not allocated a race number) because the cap has been reached then you will be eligible to a full refund.

The FDR office will review the online entry details to ensure they are complete and you will be notified of your allocated race number. Where possible this will be your preferred number but if this is not available you will be allocated a number from the pool. Once you have received a race number your entry will be listed on the website.

Note: Competitors will receive further information in the lead up to the race. This will include information about scrutineering, reconnaissance, etc. Any non-mandatory but REQUIRED information not submitted with the on-line entry form MUST be provided by 1700 on Friday 23 May (by email). This is a change from previous years where some required information could be produced at registration. This will reduce the risk of you not having everything you need when you arrive in Alice and speed up your registration process. Don't forget to quote your reference or race number.